Micro and Flash published in literary journals, anthologies, and contests

Micro Fiction: “Chemical Reaction”

Microfiction Monday Magazine

Micro Fiction: “If I Could Give My Former Self a Fortune Cookie”

Bright Flash Literary Review

Flash Fiction: “The Elements are Harsh, But the Pup Must Be Set Free”

Flash Fiction: “Estrangement”

Flash fiction: “Upstage Left”
Anthology: Heart/h: Stories of Home

Flash Fiction (top ten finalist): “When Angels Cry”
Anthology: Hysteria 8: Hope and Unity

Flash fiction: “Happy Hour,” “Read the Fine Print,” and “A Spirit’s Origin Story”
Anthology: 100 Ways to Die

Finalist: 2021, 250-word Microfiction Contest (final round: top 150 out of 5400 writers)
Honorable Mention: 2021, 100-word Microfiction Contest (2nd round)
First Place: 2021, 100-word Microfiction Contest (1st round)