Writing Coach for Prompt

Providing detailed, actionable feedback to students worldwide for their college admissions materials as well as individualized coaching through remote video conference.

Book Editor

Provided substantive editing for Ron Sandison’s third book, Views from the Spectrum: A Window into the Life and Faith of Your Neurodiverse Child (available spring 2021 by Kregel Publications)


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Featured Articles
Unschooling: An Alternative Way of Educating Your Child

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Supporting Artists of All Ability Levels
Secure Your Child’s Future with a Special Needs Trust
7 Ways to Be a Positive Parent for Your Child with Special Nee
Dr. Bowers Creates a “Home Away From Home” for Quirky Kids

Reported Articles for “Healthy Kids” Column
Pregnancy as a Collaborative Experience
Acknowledging Our Children’s Fears Rather Than Dismissing It
Paternity Leave, Waterbirth, and Financial Burden

Storybook Trail Guide for Southeastern Michigan
75 Local and Global Virtual Activities for Kids
20 Books Your Kids Will Love

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Reported Articles
The Truth about Human Trafficking
Blackstone Bookstore: A Brilliant Cultural Center and Community Hub
Arcade Barbers Will Survive Because of Loyal Patrons Like You

Support Black-owned Businesses in Washtenaw County

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Writer for News/Trending Topics Team
Special Education is Slipping Through the Cracks
Robodog named SPOT Proves We are Living in a Dystopian Sci-fi Novel
M is for MAMA (and also Merlot) is the Next Great Classic for Moms
Laura Benanti Creates Community During COVID-19 Crisis

Personal Essays
Autism Still Lives Here
How to Raise a Bully
What My Son with Special Needs CAN Do
ASD Meltdowns: “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’!”
When Your Child is the Socially Awkward Extrovert
This is How Being Called Ugly Shaped Me

Personal Essays
A Life Measured in Laundry Loads
On Being Raised a Trekkie
An Open Letter to my Son’s Preschool Class
10 Things I Wish People Knew About Being a Parent to a Child with Autism

Personal Essay
Why Did God Make Me This Way?

Personal Essays
Which Mommy Will I Be?
Diving into a Diagnosis
My Mom Jeans  

Contributor to the New York Times bestselling anthology series by Jen Mann

Personal Essay: Between Breaths
Under pseudonym Miranda Raye

Personal website where I write about my experiences raising a child with autism.