Tutoring Services

At this time, I do not have any tutoring sessions available.

I have fifteen years of experience teaching high school English in-person and two years of experience teaching for Prompt online. I love working with young adults to help them develop strong reading and writing skills while boosting their self-confidence. Some of my content knowledge includes: 

SAT and ACT 

I understand what it takes to write a high-scoring SAT or ACT essay as well as how to sharpen your skills for the Reading and English portions of both high-stakes tests.

Essay Writing

I taught AP literature for six years and can teach you how to write a strong literary analysis, in addition to rhetorical, persuasive, argumentative, and informative types of nonfiction writing.

Creative Writing

I designed a creative writing course that led to 80+ students getting published in various forms, including poetry, script writing, fiction, and creative nonfiction. I can also teach you how to design your own blog and get your work seen by a wider audience. 

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