Gina Lucas

I cannot say enough about the positive experience my daughter had working with Miranda! We were recommended to her through a local moms group and we were  extremely impressed with her program! She knows the SAT and she knows how to teach it! She was so patient, kind and a phenomenal motivator! My daughter was extremely apprehensive about taking the SAT but after completing the training program she was able to raise her SAT score by 150 points!! I would recommend Miranda to anyone preparing for the SAT!

John and Amy Williams

We highly recommend Mrs. Keskes for anyone looking to strengthen their child’s writing skills.  Her friendly and patient one-on-one teaching style gave our daughter Kaylee a tremendous boost of confidence during her senior year of high school and beyond.  Kaylee’s first class in college was Creative Writing and thanks to Mrs. Keskes and our daughter’s newfound confidence, she received all A’s on her college level papers.  Kaylee often spoke very highly of Mrs. Keskes and how she genuinely cared about her success.  Without a doubt one of the best decisions we made for our daughter was reaching out to Mrs. Keskes for her mentorship and guidance with Kaylee’s writing.  We are so thankful to her for caring so much and giving Kaylee the tools she needed to succeed in college.


Ron Sandison, founder of Spectrum Inclusion, author of A Parent’s Guide to Autism: Practical Advice. Biblical Wisdom (Charisma House, 2016) and Thought, Choice, Action (Electio Publishing, 2018)

Miranda Keskes edited my third book, Views from the Spectrum: A Window into the Life and Faith of Your Neurodiverse Child (available in the fall of 2020 by Kregel Publications). I found Miranda to be highly skilled, organized, and enjoyable to work with. She helped my book come to life with her editing of the mechanics, grammar, literary content, and development of strong transitional sentences. Her advice and recommendations were invaluable to the finished product, always keeping in mind my individual writing style. When I had deadlines to reach, Miranda was prompt to finish the edits in a timely manner. Miranda is creative and has expert attention to detail. I highly recommend her as an editor.

Laura, Founder of Sammiches and Psych Meds and MockMom

Miranda is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is her writing well-crafted and her words well-chosen, but also her subject matter is on point and relatable to a broad audience, making working with her an editor’s dream. She has an eye for conventions and a storytelling technique that grabs readers and takes them on a ride of a lifetime. Her writing and editing talent is admirable, as is her ability to craft versatile material that both makes readers cry and roll on the floor in laughter. Few people have a knack for conveying both their talents as writers and their unique personality through writing, but Miranda nails it every time. LOVE working with her!

Jennifer N.

After having taken a creative writing class with Mrs. Keskes twice, she continued to foster my writing life. She reads beyond sentence structure and comma placement, and cultivates character development and writer’s voice. Mrs. Keskes led me to life-changing opportunities that I would not have known about otherwise and encouraged me to pursue. I have enjoyed the privilege of being published nine times for my poems and creative essays. I have had two well-received one act plays performed by Michigan State University through the Young Playwrights Festival. My second play focused on autism and I deeply valued Mrs. Keskes’ advice and comments on my writing and how to portray autism as she is a wonderful mother of a son with autism. Mrs. Keskes has keen insight into all forms of the written craft and will guide you in all stages of your literary adventure. 

Mackenzie D.

Mrs Keskes is truly an amazing teacher. She is passionate, caring, patient, honest and so much more. She made her classroom into a place of safety and comfort. In her class I found I could write about some personal things without the fear of judgement, only love and support. Mrs Keskes inspires and teaches lessons that go beyond your average English class. She is the type of person you can trust with anything.

Keira F.

“I had Mrs. Keskes for a creative writing class in high school. It was really the one class that I looked forward to every week. We covered so much great material and the class pushed me to write things that I normally wouldn’t. I still remember and use some exercises that we did in class! I am most grateful for how Mrs. Keskes guided and taught us all how to create and start our own blogs. I never wanted to have a blog because I liked to write stories and that’s it. Starting the blog showed me that writing different things was so much fun! It’s been a few years later and I still use the blog that we created in class. I use it as my outlet when I need a break from college work or just a break from the everyday stresses of life. Mrs. Keskes is a great writing coach and always gives positive feedback along with tips on how to do better!”

John R.

“Mrs. Keskes’ passion for writing kept me engaged while I was her student. Her passion is unlike most professionals in this field and she was able to show how writing is an important part of history as well as our future. The skills she had taught me allowed me to succeed academically when writing papers in college. These skills have continued to help me as I have entered my career and needed to represent myself professionally in my writing.”