Thanks for stopping by! I’m Miranda Keskes, but my friends call me Mandy. 😉

I’m a freelance writer passionate about exploring the nuances of everyday life through fiction, reported articles, and personal essays. My roles as a mother and educator permeate much of my writing.

I taught high school English and theater for fifteen years at a large public high school in southeastern Michigan before transitioning into my current role as Product Lead for Pen. We are a small team of educators developing an online literacy program aimed at helping English Language learners build both their skills and confidence in an academic setting. In short, supporting young writers is a lifelong passion.

Born and raised in Michigan, I am a Spartan alumna with a love of language. From a well-crafted email to a best-selling novel, all words are important and have the capacity to inspire and heal.

Connecting with fellow writers, educators, and book lovers is my aim (and if you’re a mother too, we’re destined to be friends!). So please, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join me in the teachers’ lounge for weekly learning and laughter.

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